What is Altior™?

  • A network technology-agnostic service design and delivery platform for industrial IoT network operators. On Altior, the user works on the service implementation, regardless of the underlying technology;
  • a data-oriented approach to the development of industrial IoT, supporting LPWAN network technologies for operations on license-free RF spectrum;
  • an open standard based application development environment, for quick and easy integration with existing IT management infrastructures;
  • a reliable system: designed for carrier grade operations and five nines reliability with a distributed approach. Altior can be rolled out on public or private clouds or on local premises, since its deployment is based on industry standard containers and orchestration tools;
  • a completely safe environment on the devices as well as on the back end of the platform: application integrity and data security are an essential component of Altior design.

For the IoT network operator, Altior is an effective tool to create an ecosystem of IoT services. Altior allows the monetization of IoT services and applications with different business models.

For the application developer, Altior is an easy way to build industrial IoT services and applications using familiar tools and techniques.

For the user, it’s the shortest path from concept to deployment. Thanks to Altior codeless dataflow-oriented service designer, developing a new service is as simple as selecting a device type and defining a simple workflow.

Main features

  • Fault tolerant architecture based on developing paradigms and techniques used for modern mission critical telecommunication applications;
  • carrier grade, cloud-based suite of software functions, meaning that the platform can scale to handle millions of devices;
  • supporting different security infrastructures in accordance with the recognized security best practices. Altior security infrastrucure extends to devices in field and allows the implementation of custom based authentication and encryption mechanisms, replacing or augmenting existing ones;
  • the Altior open device API is available as a series of open source modules, for easy implementation by third parties sensor and device manufacturers. Altior also offers ready-to-use open source hardware reference designs for popular industrial micro controllers;
  • the Altior visual service designer is a powerful tool to create data flow oriented applications in an intuitive way. The service design includes a formally correct code generator to develop native Altior services without a specific IoT know-how.

Service development on Altior

A typical IoT application design workflow consists of finding (or developing) an appropriate sensor for the application purpose, then selecting a communication network, locating a suitable database and finally writing an application to glue everything together.
The effort involved in such an endeavour is daunting and time consuming: the firmware development for an IoT sensor can be quite complex, especially if the functions required are high level (e.g. over the air firmware update); often the communication layer is hardcoded in the chosen network technology and the high level application development could quickly escalate in complexity when adding functions such as rating and billing or intelligent error management.

Altior completely shifts this paradigm by working on the invariant parts of the service development. Because of this, Altior is designed to be, as much as possible, a codeless environment.
With Altior, the IoT service design doesn’t require software development skills but can be performed by a trained operator or a power user.