What are Digital Twins?

Digital twins are virtual models of physical objects or processes, whose apperance, functionalities and characteristics they reflect. In industrial IoT, a device twin is a cloud-based digital representation of a physical device that is connected to a platform service.

Inkwell Data’s IoT platform, Altior, is a digital twin development technology that allows to rapidly design a digital twin and integrate it with the physical asset, and which enables real-time flow of data from the IoT device.

Physical objects features are mapped to Altior device twins, creating an equivalent digital version; these features are called digital twin “properties”.

After it is designed and instantiated, the device twin provides a consistent means of interacting with a physical device, regardless of whether the device is online or offline; the properties of a device, including information about its current state, are always available.

Device twins are becoming important in the design, development, deployment of industrial IoT solutions, including sub-metering applications for utilities.

With Altior’s digital twin architecture, the developer can count on a set of “abstractions” that simplify the design of industrial IoT services, without the need of specific industrial IoT knowledge or training.

For more information on Altior’s digital twins and its applications, including the very promising and interesting sub-metering, please refer to our relevant white papers under the section of the website named “Resources”.

It is also now possible to participate to our  Altior Ecosystem Partner Program (EPP), for a free “tasting” of an actual working digital twins’ system.