In the Altior IoT service platform, security is a building block of the overall design; this means that Altior components include security as a core element.
For Inkwell Data, data security is not simply based on features and products but is the result of a process. We don’t rely on specific implementation of proprietary algorithms.
On the contrary, all the security implementation features are based on well documented and, where possible, open sourced technology, to give total accountability to customers and end users.

General IIoT security considerations

Each IoT device provides one or more capabilities – features or functions – it can use on its own or in conjunction with other devices to achieve one or more goal.
Some of the most relevant features for Altior security are the following:

An IIoT network shares some commonalities with a computer network but also poses unique requirements; thus, we include the security objectives of any computer system with those peculiar of field deployed sensors and devices.

  • Confidentiality: the ability for the system to keep data confidential and prevent inadvertent disclosure. Confidentiality ensures the concealment of the message from an attacker so that any message communicated via the sensor network remains confidential

  • Integrity:¬†this means that the data must be accurate, for example the temperature readings should reflect the real temperature. Integrity ensures the reliability of the data and refers to the ability to confirm that a message has not been tampered with, altered or changed while on the network.

  • Availability: data must be available when needed and relevant. Availability ensures the services offered by the network (or by a single sensor node) must be available whenever required.

  • Authentication: this ensures the reliability of the message by identifying its origin.

  • Data freshness: it is also needed that the data is recent and no old message have been replayed.

  • Time synchronization: most of the IIoT network applications depends on some sort of time synchronization.

  • Secure localization: the utility of an IIoT network also rely on its ability to automatically and accurately locate each sensor in the network. An attacker could easily exploit an accuracy fault and manipulate non-secured location information by either reporting false signal strenghts or replaying signals.

There is no such a thing as a unique approach to security and every framework has its pros and cons. The Altior Security Framework (ASF) is designed with the IIoT network operator in mind but is open to all types of integration due to its flexibility and versatility. ASF’s uniqueness lies in its device-level implementation, which allows shorter time to market for IIoT applications, while its openness can be a key value for an expanding ecosystem.

The Inkwell Data Develpment Team is focused on keeping the ASF constantly updated to guarantee a continuous service to our customers.