Internship opportunities​ at Inkwell Data

Inkwell Data is an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) company operating in the EU and UK market and focusing on the digital twin technology application to mission critical infrastructures like public utilities networks.

Inkwell Data Research and Development unit based in Padova is opening several internship positions for interested engineering/mathematics students, graduate students and recently graduate engineers or equivalent. The internship positions are for the following fields:

computer system architectures for high availability services in the public and private cloud environments;

  • edge computing for IoT;
  • data structures design and applications for distributed time series;
  • application of advanced cryptographic methods to data-in-motion;
  • zero-trust networks and cyber-security application and frameworks;
  • domain specific visual design programming languages;
  • network protocols for computationally constrained IoT sensors and devices;
  • applied machine learning to industrial IoT applications.

Candidates can apply for one or more fields of application, no previous experience is required, although some background is appreciated. Formal training for any field of application will be provided by the Inkwell Data R&D team and based on a specific study plan. Intern candidates will be evaluated with an in person or remote interview, a B2 or better English language level is a mandatory requirement for the interview. Internships will be for the most part in the Padova office of Inkwell Data, some remote work will be accepted. All internships have a duration of 6 months and are reimbursed and regulated according to the Italian labour laws. Successful interns will be candidates for a full time job in the R&D and application development teams in Padova (Italy) or London (UK) Inkwell Data offices.

To apply for an internship interview, please write an e-mail to with the subject “Internship 2022” and a brief personal introduction or a simple CV.