The AEPP aims to provide its partners a frictionless way to develop and market IIoT applications built on the Altior digital twin technology.

How does it work?

The AEPP makes available to Altior users a catalogue of digital twins and a portfolio of applications from the partners.

Who are the AEPP partners and how does IWD help?

The AEPP partners belong across a wide spectrum of the IoT value-chain.

  • Electronic components makers: integration and validation of micro-controllers, telecommunication hardware and systems on chip with Inkwell Data firmware and code libraries.
  • Device manufacturers and OEMs: create digital twins for sensors, smart meters and data loggers for applications interoperability and immediate deployment on Altior-based systems.
  • Network vendors and operators: leverage the Altior middleware for telecommunication networks to provide seamless and secure network access to IIoT applications.
  • System integrators and software developers: accelerate the development of innovative IIoT services with the Altior API and the codeless development environment.
  • End users: future-proof your projects by adopting the technology agnostic Altior platform in public, private or hybrid cloud.

Benefits of the AEPP

To AEPP partners membership offers:

  • Support for development of Altior digital twins for existing IoT hardware products.
  • Access to Altior development resources and technical documentation.
  • Integration of partners’ API and vertical applications.
  • Consultancy services for the development of Altior-based services and applications.
  • Support to adaptation and localization for specific markets of IoT hardware and sensors.
  • Full access to Altior digital twin library for partners’ projects and implementations.
  • Access to the Altior Marketplace, where partners and users meet.

Becoming a partner

By joining the AEPP programme, our partners will be able to increase their addressable markets and meaningfully lower future R&D costs. Where appropriate, AEPP partners will be introduced to existing Altior clients and users and included in Inkwell Data market awareness initiatives.
To join the AEPP or to request more information, just send an email to