The Altior design rationale

Inkwell Data’s Altior IIoT middleware is designed to help the user deploy industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions without the technology getting in the way. For example, in developing a smart metering solution, the primary focus should be on the problem domain itself. On paper it looks easy: just replace exiting meters with communicating smart meters, get the meter data and bill.   At the utility company, the application designer will likely be a metering specialist, someone familiar with the dynamics of collecting

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The impedance mismatch in industrial IoT

Impedance mismatch is a phenomenon well known to electrical and physical engineers, but also to physiologists, audiologists and many other categories[1]. A very, very approximate and colloquial definition of impedance mismatch could be the non-correspondence between what one wants and what one gets from a system. So, how does this concept relate to the industrial sector of the Internet of Things? Impedance mismatch is what prevents you from getting an ideal IIoT solution from the customer's point of view. And this

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Rethinking the network of things

Reading about the internet of things (or network of things) is an unsettling experience. It seems that IoT is all about technology, big data, sensors and devices, information security, networking technologies. In an ideal world, implementing IoT then would be a matter of choosing the best components, integrate them with ad hoc user applications and voila, the service is ready. But. We don’t live in an ideal world. If that was the case, today the promise of IoT dating back to

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