Inkwell Data was initially founded to support the digitalisation of the utility sector. We combine off-the-shelf, robust and reliable data transfer, device and network management solutions, with deep domain knowledge and intimate knowledge of regulatory demands.

In particular, Inkwell Data offers:

  • a technology agnostic approach – meters / transmission technologies / cloud / apps. Inkwell Data offers its own cloud infrastructure and app but can work with any third-party solution;
  • accelerated routes to deployment by validating selected meters and transmission protocols to eradicate in-field surprises;
  • data-oriented approach to design, implementation and operation of IoT network;
  • a proven system to support carrier grade operations and five nines reliability with a distributed approach;
  • OTA upgrade capability and ability to replace any part of the IoT value chain without affecting the integrity and security of the overall system architecture;
  • an open standard based application development environment for quick and easy integration with existing IT management infrastructures;
  • a completely safe environment, end-to-end, to deliver application integrity and data security.

We help design, deploy and operate truly successful automated meter reading walk-by / drive-by solutions and complete Advanced Metering Infrastructure, for electricity, gas and water.
In the water sector we provide leak detection solutions and data triangulation to identify leaks in a live manner, to the meter.
We also help connect plants, national or regional distribution networks and buildings owned by the utilities.